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Tubular screw piles

Tubular screw piles were developed for use in projects where the ground is of a specific nature that demands piles are reinforced over the entire length. The pile system does not displace earth. Installation is both low-noise and low-vibration.

This less-displacing foundation technology is applied in the event of housing and commercial and industrial construction projects on soil with a specific condition. Tubular screw piles are produced in lengths of up to 26 m and, where required, we can take specific needs into account.

Features of tubular screw piles 

  • Quick completion times available.
  • Adjustments to pile specifications may be possible up to shortly before the start of the project. 
  • The piles may be subjected to both compression and tensile forces.
  • Piles can be finished immediately to the required working level under certain circumstances. 
  • The pile system does not displace ground/soil.
  • Tubular screw piles can be reinforced across the entire length with a cage.
  • The pile system is well-known and recognised by the Netherlands Building Control Committee and designers alike.
  • Installation is both low-noise and vibration-free.

Areas of application of tubular screw piles

  • The piles are used in public utility projects that require vibration-free or low-noise work. 
  • Reinforcement can be applied to the full length - prior to pouring the concrete - that offers guaranteed cover once the pile has been formed.
  • They can be used in heavy-duty sheet-pile retaining walls. 
  • They have a positive impact on subsidence. Due to their large core diameter they allow less ground subsidence compared with CFA piles. And less earth will rise to the surface. In structural terms, this must not be included in calculations.

Quality control 

Vroom Funderingstechnieken (Vroom Foundation Technology) produces tubular screw piles using a proprietary process devised as part of internal quality control and in line with nationally-applicable standards. Tubular screw piles made by Vroom Funderingstechnieken may, optionally, be acoustically audited and assessed by an independent firm of engineering consultants. Our own quality-control procedure allows us to respond properly to any doubts on the quality of the piles, or to customer requirements relating to implementation. Concrete for tubular screw piles is obtained from certified concrete mixing plants.

Allow us to advise you 

We at Vroom Funderingstechnieken prepare our leaflets and website with the greatest possible care and attention. However, no rights can be derived from such content. If you use information from our leaflets or our website without verification or further advice, this is at your own risk. 

Vroom Funderingstechnieken accepts no liability for the correctness and/or suitability of the information for the purpose you envisage. Should you have any questions about the use of our products for actual projects we advise you to contact our sales department.

Technical specifications

Rotary head drilling systems

The hydraulic rotary heads are fitted with hydraulic drill attachments. Vroom has drilling motors for tubular screw piles with a capacity of up to 50 ton metres.

Concrete grade

Available in grades C20/25, C25/30, and C30/37.


B500B grade.

Dimensioning of longitudinal reinforcement is based on information supplied by the designer.

Spiral reinforcement results in a reinforcement cage that is substantially stiffer.

Bearing capacity

The geotechnical bearing capacity as per Eurocode 7 (NEN 6743) gives the following parameters:

Pile base coefficient

αp = 0.8 (section III – reduced).

β = 1.0 for standard tube/foot dimensions.

Shaft friction coefficient

αs = 0.006.

Tension αt = 0.0045.

Load and deformation behaviour

As per Eurocode 7 (NEN 6743, part 2).

Load spectrum

Up to a maximum of 5000 kN (calculation value).

​Structural aspects

Available tubular screw pile diameters, dimensions in mm:
Pile diameter (diameter of lining tube)

  • 400 (273) 
  • 450 (323) 
  • 500 (323) 
  • 550 (323) 
  • 600 (323) 
  • 650 (406) 
  • 700 (406) 
  • 800 (406) 
  • 900 (508) 

The shaft dimensions are fixed measurements.
Other pile diameters are available on request.


Installation process Tubular drilled piles 

  1. Positioning of tube drill with hydraulic drill attachment.
  2. The hydraulic rotary head turns clockwise to the correct depth.
  3. The reinforcement cage is installed to match the required length.
  4. The core of the tube is filled with mortar until the desired pressure is reached.
  5. Wet concrete is then injected into the stem of the screw pile. Wet concrete is injected during the process up to at least 1m above working level. The tube is then retracted from the ground either still or slightly rotating clockwise.
  6. The pile can then be finished if necessary.

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