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Precast driven piles (concrete)

Vroom Funderingstechnieken (Vroom Foundation Technology) has gained plenty of practical experience of pre-fab concrete piles and is happy to advise on their potential use. The pile system displaces earth. Vroom is specialised in heavy-duty (large dimensions) concrete piles.

The piles are generally driven in with hydraulic hammers, the impact energy of which can be continuously regulated. The piles are driven in in a controlled manner in terms of both the piles themselves and the surrounding area.

Features of pre-fab concrete piles

  • Conventional pile systems that can be used in almost all building work.
  • In plate floors the pile cap can be driven to the required height.
  • Driving height can be easily monitored by means of blow-counting.
  • Flexible where changes to the pile specification are made due to the large volume obtained from suppliers.
  • Raking shores: Leaning backward up to a maximum of 4:1 / forward up to a maximum of 5:1.
  • Compressive force, tensile and torque strain can be absorbed with extra reinforcement.


  • Foundations for wind turbines.
  • Residential building, construction of public utilities and all other sorts of construction, can be used in ground of almost any nature.
  • Civil engineering projects with high pile loads.
  • Can be lowered into cellars, tunnels and other underground structures from ground level and then driven into the ground.
  • Pile driving on water from a pontoon for boat sheds, jetties and bridges.
  • Storage, decking/terrace foundations and garden walls in newbuild projects.
Quality control

Vroom Funderingstechnieken installs pre-fab concrete piles using a proprietary process devised as part of internal quality control and in line with nationally-applicable standards.

Monitoring geotechnical bearing capacity

When driving in pre-fab concrete piles the bearing capacity can be monitored by means of blow-counting.

Monitoring pile bearing capacity

The pre-fab concrete piles can be checked after driving by means of acoustic testing.

Allow us to advise you

We at Vroom Funderingstechnieken prepare our leaflets and website with the greatest possible care and attention. However, no rights can be derived from such content. If you use information from our leaflets or our website without verification or further advice, this is at your own risk.

Vroom Funderingstechnieken accepts no liability for the correctness and/or suitability of the information for the purpose you envisage. Should you have any questions about the use of our products for actual projects we advise you to contact our sales department.

Technical specifications

Hydraulic rams

  • Junttan HHK 12a
  • Junttan HHK 9
  • Junttan HHK 6
  • Junttan HHK 5
  • Junttan HHK 5a
  • Junttan HHK 4
  • Junttan HHK 3

Diesel hammers

Various types of diesel hammer can be deployed.

Concrete grade

At least C45/55 XC2.


The piles are pre-stressed and reinforced with high-tensile steel. Conventional reinforcement can be applied additionally to compensate for tension or moments/torque.

Bearing capacity

The geotechnical bearing capacity as per Eurocode 7 (NEN 6743) gives the following parameters:

Pile base coefficients

αp = 1.0.
β = 1.0.

Shaft friction coefficient

αs = 0.010.
Tension: αt = 0.007.

Load and deformation behaviour

As per Eurocode 7 (NEN 6743, part 1, fig. 6 and 7), depending on the nature of the ground.

Load spectrum

Compressive force up to approx. 5000 kN Tensile stress up to approx. 600 kN

Structural aspects

Standard square dimensions of pre-fab concrete piles (in mm):

  • 220
  • 250
  • 290
  • 320
  • 350
  • 380
  • 400
  • 420
  • 450
  • 500

The maximum pile length is approximately 80 - 90 times the square dimensions.

Use depends on the nature of the ground and driveability.

Pre-fab concrete piles can also be supplied with a heavy-duty foot and/or with internal or external corrugated profile. Pre-fab concrete piles can also be supplied with coupling.

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