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Secant piled walls

Secant piled walls are used for deep building pits, tunnel entrances, quay walls and underground car parks. A secant piled wall is a sheet pile wall reinforced with tubular steel piles. The tubular steel piles ensure that the structure is strong, while the sheet pile walls in between ensure that it is watertight. A secant piled wall can receive heavier loads due to the fact that the structure is more heavy-duty. So greater retaining heights are possible.

The tubular piles have a diameter of 900 - 3400 mm, and can have lengths of up to 48 metres. The sheet pile is often shorter than the piles; the point level of the sheet pile is several metres under the excavation level.


First of all, the tubular piles are inserted. They have slots to which the sheet pile is connected. A piling frame is used when inserting the piles (by driving or vibrating). This frame ensures that the piles are inserted at regular centre-to-centre distances. Finally the sheet pile is inserted between the piles. The great benefit of this type of wall is the structure's high bending strength and stiffness. This type of wall is around four times as stiff as the most heavy-duty type of conventional sheet pile wall. This means that a greater brace-free height can be reached.


  • Can be used for large ground and water retaining heights.
  • Can be constructed either from ground level or from a pontoon.
  • Can be inserted vertically or tilting at a gradient of up to 5:1. 
  • Large pile diameters: up to 3400 mm. 
  • High torque capacity and bending stiffness. 
  • Vertical loads can be absorbed easily.

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