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Precast lay-down areas

Building with pre-fab lay-down areas boosts efficiency, the speed of completion and consistent quality of the finished product. The pre-fab lay-down areas are designed, produced and installed by Vroom, and are KOMO-KIWA certified. Pre-fab elements can shorten the time needed for a project.

Vroom can offer a complete foundation package up to and including the surface of the ground floor. The lay-down areas are often combined with dimensions, foundation beams and the laying of ground-floor surfaces, including finishing. If necessary, this is combined with in-situ concrete.

Shed roofs, pergola floors and garage floors are also part of our package. The products are often combined with one another.


A rebate is not normally needed when making a wooden building. In that case, the wooden building sits directly on the floor. Where the building is of stone or brick, a rebate is cut into the floor. The rebate receives the brick or stone building so that the floor cannot be seen, as it is behind the walls.

Foundations on piles

In most cases floors are cast on foundation piles in order to prevent subsidence. Recesses are included in the floor, to accommodate the piles, the bar in each pile being located in the individual recess. The bar ensures that the pile is firmly anchored in the floor.

Raft foundation

Normally the floor is hollow underneath. If a steel raft foundation is used, i.e. if piles are not used on the sand layer, it is necessary to fill up the underside of the floor. We perform this filling with compressed EPS, so that the whole surface of the floor comes into contact with the sand bed and will bear the load.


The floors are cast using self-compacting concrete (SCC). This type of concrete flows smoothly into the mould and ensures a perfect surface.


If the floor needs to be insulated, we fill the whole underside with compressed EPS.


  • On-site labour can be significantly reduced. 
  • Less effort is required of production personnel on site; two workers and a mobile crane and driver is all that is needed for the work. 
  • The standard of the result is constant.
  • This is usually reflected in savings, as fewer piles are needed. And the piles are often shorter.

Areas of application

  • Residential construction
  • Apartments (with separate storage facilities)
  • Holiday houses


The pre-fab lay-down areas are installed with a telescopic crane or crawler crane, depending on the weight of the individual elements and the distance that needs to be covered to install them.

Technical specifications

Raised frost-protection edge

460 mm or higher.


80 mm or higher.

Maximum length

9500 mm, greater length can be made up of a combination of elements.

Maximum width

4500 mm (limit for transportation by road).

Concrete grade

C45/55 XC3 F4 (minimum).

Steel grade

B500A mesh reinforcement, B500B splice bars.


Category 3.

Strengthening features

  • PVC lead-throughs 
  • Anchor groups 
  • DEMU anchors
  • bar anchors
  • Rebar connection systems 
  • Rebates

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