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Precast foundation blocks

Building with pre-fab foundation blocks boosts efficiency, the speed of completion and consistent quality of the finished product. The pre-fab foundation blocks are designed, produced and installed by Vroom, and are KOMO-KIWA certified. Pre-fab elements can shorten the time needed for a project.

Vroom can offer a complete foundation package up to and including the surface of the ground floor. The pre-fab foundation blocks are often combined with pre-fab foundation beams, lay-down areas, dimensions and the laying of ground-floor surfaces, including finishing. If necessary, this is combined with in-situ concrete. We are also able to provide round foundation beams, lay-down areas, lift shafts and cellars. The products are often combined with one another.

Benefits of pre-fab foundation blocks

On-site labour can be significantly reduced. Less effort is required of production personnel on site; two people and a mobile crane and driver is all that is needed for the work. The standard of the result in pre-fab concrete work is constant. This is usually reflected in savings, as fewer piles are needed. And the piles are often shorter.

Area of application of pre-fab foundation blocks

  • Residential construction 
  • Apartments 
  • Public utilities (construction)


The pre-fab foundation blocks are installed with a telescopic crane or mobile tracked crane, depending on the weight of the individual elements and the distance that needs to be covered to install them.

Technical specifications

Concrete grade

C45/45 XC3 F4 (minimum).

Steel grade

B500A mesh reinforcement, B500B splice bars.


As per NEN 2889.

Strengthening features

  • HSF lead-through sets 
  • PVC lead-throughs Sleeves (supplied) 
  • Anchor groups 
  • DEMU anchors 
  • Bar anchors 
  • Rebar connection systems 
  • Rebates

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