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Pre-fab entrance halls

Building with pre-fab entrance halls boosts efficiency, the speed of completion and consistent quality of the finished product. The design, manufacture and installation of our pre-fab entrance halls is guaranteed by our KOMO-KIWA production certificate. Pre-fab elements can shorten the time needed for a project.

The entrance halls are often used when replacing existing entrance halls. The entrance halls are entirely constructed from pre-fabricated concrete, so they are maintenance-free.


The concrete elements can be supplied in various colours. The colour is applied using a pigment which is added to the concrete mixture. This prevents any partial discolouration.

Foundation piles

We install the entrance halls in many cases on a foundation of piles. As the available space is often restricted in built-up areas and we have to drive in the piles close to existing buildings, we usually opt for low-vibration segmented piles. These piles are made up of short segments of steel tube that are welded together on site before being driven into the ground. The segmented piles are driven in using a pile driver that is small enough that it can insert piles both indoors and outdoors.

Pre-fab floors

The floors under the new extensions (entrance halls/porches) outside the buildings are pre-fabricated. The floors are produced in the factory under consistent conditions and then transported. This means that the floors are of a high quality and made to measure. All required services are cast into the pre-fabricated lay-down areas, so the walls and door frames can easily and precisely be attached to the floors.

Pre-fab walls

Walls and/or columns that will bear the roof load are mounted on the floors. The walls are made entirely of coloured concrete and, if required, a design can be applied to the outside. This gives the walls a luxurious, welcoming appearance.

Pre-fab roofs

The roofs slope on the outside, so that rainwater is guided to the gutter. If required, a ventilation duct can be cast into the roof.


In order to be able to find your way even when it is dark, the entrance halls can be fitted with LED lights that illuminate the entire structure. Other than the feeling of security this gives, the entrance halls look spectacular at night.

Technical specifications

Concrete grade

C45/55 XC3 F4 (minimum).

Steel grade

B500A mesh reinforcement, B500B splice bars.


Category 3.

Strengthening features

  • PVC lead-throughs
  • Anchor groups 
  • DEMU anchors 
  • Bar anchors 
  • Rebar connection systems 
  • Rebates 
  • Spotlights

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