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Steel casing screw piles

Particular focus must go to vibration-free boring of steel tube screw piles (with or without grout injection) and CFA piles. Both pile systems are being used with increasing frequency in combination with mini piledrivers for renovation, extension or foundation repair projects.

In this area of foundation pile technology private commissioning is becoming increasingly frequent. Steel tube piles are used on sites with a small footprint or restricted clearance, but also in projects requiring a low level of vibration. The steel tube is reinforced with a cage and concrete.


  • The pile system displaces all subsoil. 
  • The process is vibration-free. 
  • The injection of grout gives the piling system a high bearing capacity. 
  • The technique can be performed where there is limited headroom using small, light-weight, manoeuvrable pile drivers. 
  • The installation depth depends on the nature of the ground and the piles are screwed precisely to the calculated depth. 
  • Quick delivery and adjustments to pile specifications can be made up to shortly  before the start of work. 
  • Steel tube piles may be subjected to both compression and tensile forces. 
  • Under certain circumstances the piles can be finished to the appropriate height. 
  • Tube sections can be connected together using a screw thread or a fillet weld.


  • Extensions to residential properties 
  • Foundation repair 
  • Internal floor finishes. 
  • Sound-proof walls
  • Urban regeneration
  • Difficult-to-access places
  • Critical situations

Production techniques

  • Drilling with and without grout; 
  • Auger injection; 

Installation without grout

  • The tube piles are fitted with a special foot (screw point). 
  • The clearance required is at least 2.5 m. 
  • The tube sections can be welded together using a flare/flange or a ring with a fillet weld.
  • The drilling depth depends on the soil condition.

Installation with grout 

Grout is injected with a feeder tube through an opening in the screw point around the tube. This makes it easier to install the tube pile to the correct depth and increases the bearing capacity.

CFA piles 

When installing CFA piles a body of grout the size of the screw point is formed with the existing ground.

Quality control 

Vroom Funderingstechnieken (Vroom Foundation Technology) installs steel tube piles using a proprietary process devised as part of internal quality control and in line with nationally-applicable standards. Download the steel tube pile brochure (PDF) and other pile systems that can be installed with mini piledrivers. Or contact our sales department.

Allow us to advise you 

We at Vroom Funderingstechnieken prepare our leaflets and website with the greatest possible care and attention. However, no rights can be derived from such content. However, no rights can be derived from such content. 

Vroom Funderingstechnieken accepts no liability for the correctness and/or suitability of the information for the purpose you envisage. Should you have any questions about the use of our products for actual projects we advise you to contact our sales department.

Technical specifications

Available mini pile-drivers

Vermeer 1800s

  • Minimum width 1.12 m
  • Minimum height 3.15 m
  • Weight 70 kN
  • Minimum working height 2.60 m
  • Length 6 m per segment for steel tube screw piles.

IPC 830B

  • Minimum width 0.80 m
  • Minimal height 2.10 m
  • Weight 47kN
  • Minimal working height 2.60 m
  • For CFA piles.

Concrete grade

C20/25, C25/30 and C30/37 grade.


B500B grade. Dimensioning based on load information given by the designer.

Bearing capacity

Bearing capacity in terms of soil mechanics as per Eurocode 7 (NEN 6743) depends on wheterh or not grout is used.

Load and deformation behaviour

Equal to ground-displacing pile pile types.

Available pile diameters: screw piles

Shaft diameter (screw point diameter), dimensions in mm:

  • 168 (300)
  • 219 (350)
  • 273 (400)
  • 323 (450)
  • 356 (500)
  • 406 (556)
  • 456 (600)
  • 508 (650)

The dimensions of the screw point are specific to the project. Large and non-standard dimensions available on request.

Available pile diameters: CFA piles

Shaft diameter (screw point diameter), dimensions in mm:

  • 88 (250)
  • 114 (300)
  • 140 (350)

Large and non-standard dimensions available on request. Non-standard screw point dimensions are possible.

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