Pre-cast lift shaft pits - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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Pre-cast lift shaft pits

In combination with pre-cast foundation beams we install lift shaft pits that are pre-cast, and therefore guaranteed watertight. They are most common in apartment blocks and multi-storey non-residential construction. Delivered just in time and installed with a telescopic crane, attached to the driven piles in situ to prevent it being pushed up.

The walls of the pre-cast lift shaft pit can be indented to enable the attachment of pre-cast foundation beams. Reinforcing bars may protrude from the top so that the pit can be connected to the floor. As the pits are manufactured and conditioned in the factory it is possible to guarantee consistent high quality. Delivered to your site ready to be installed so as to enable high-speed building progress.

Areas of application of pre-cast foundation beams

  • Apartments
  • Non-residential construction

Technical specifications


All lift shaft pits are made to measure.


At least C45/45 XC3 F4.


Mesh B500A, bars B500B.


As per NEN2889.


  • PVC ducts
  • DEMU anchors
  • Reinforcing bar anchors

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