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Pre-cast floors

Ground-floor subfloors form part of any structure. These can be made in the form of transportable concrete sections. As the sections that form the elements of the subfloor can be easily combined with the installation of the foundations, they form part of the service we deliver. This also includes the casting of the joints.

The most common type of element is that found in ribbed floors and hollow-core slab floors. The hollow-core slab floors may be laid without insulation, as required. We install these on the ground floor only. Once the foundation beams have been installed, the plumber can start fitting the water and heating systems. Then the subfloor elements can be installed, and the joints cast with concrete. We supply the floor as far up from the ground as the unfinished subfloor.

Areas of application of pre-cast floors

  • Residential construction
  • Apartments
  • Holiday homes
  • Non-residential (construction)
  • Foundations above water
  • Technical specifications of pre-cast floors

Technical specifications


Floor elements can be supplied in widths of 1200 and 900 mm. Underlay tiles, with widths from 500 to 850 mm are also supplied. Lengths are cut to size, up to 7.2 metres.


At least C45/45.


Prestressing steel Y 1860, reinforcing bar Fe 500A.


As per NEN2889.


  • EPS "meter cupboard blocks”
  • Recesses

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