KFC restaurant and parking lots

96 CFA piles273 m¹ foundation

In Amsterdam Osdorp, we have taken care of the foundation for a new KFC restaurant. It involves a prefab foundation as it had to be placed partly above the water. Mounting went fast and prefab elements were very qualified for a positioning above the water.

The construction activities include the construction of the restaurant which has been realized on the mainland with the parking lots above the water. To realize capacity, we have inserted CFA piles first until the underlying sandbank. Subsequently, the prefab foundation has been placed on top of the piles.

Above the water

What made this project special was the above-the-water realization of the parking lots. For this purpose, the prefab foundation was very qualified. Using cranes, we have placed the prefab elements on top of the piles as the anchors for the steel construction have been accurately dimensioned. The entire foundation of all parking lots has been placed within one day. One day later, the floors have been mounted.

Pouring facilities

Within the foundation, various facilities have been poured including rebars sticking out of the beam so that the floor can be connected to the foundation beams quickly without having to drill rebars for this purpose first. In addition, openings have been poured within the foundation beams for pipes for gas, electricity, CATV and rainwater discharge.

KFC restaurant and parking lots
KFC restaurant and parking lots
KFC restaurant and parking lots
KFC restaurant and parking lots
KFC restaurant and parking lots
KFC restaurant and parking lots
04-02-2015 to 20-02-2015
KFC Holdings
Van de Fliert
Dick Reijnders
Project Manager

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