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Complete housebuilding package

Once more, Vroom Foundation Technology and Vroom Betonbouw realized a reference project in the field of complete foundation constructions in the housebuilding industry. For both parties, an approach likes this results into a win-win situation.

The complete package included offering and executing the dimensioning activities, the production of foundation piles and delivering and setting foundation beams, foundation blocks and an elevator well in prefabricated concrete. Mounting the prefab materials took one working day.

The new apartment complex buildings were very suitable for the application of a prefab foundation construction. The bottom of the foundation is placed under the waterline. On both sides of the building, a canal is realized which meant that the parts foundation beams had to be visible. In terms of dimensioning, the openings have been adjusted and various parts have been chamfered. The prefab foundation elements have been executed with a maximal height of 1285 mm and a width until 800.

In order to make a link to the future buildings on top, more than 1400 bars, 140 bar anchors and 5 bar crates brought have been included. For the purpose of utilities, in the factory already various openings have been applied. Thanks to the good planning and the collaboration with the contractor, the mounting process of this difficult prefab project took only one working day.

Facts & numbers

Project 53467 & 22947
Project 79 homes and 92 apartments
Location Dorpshaven in Aalsmeer,
Contractor Slokker Bouwgroep Huizen B.V.

Foundation activities

Vibro piles
Number of piles 1436
Diameter 273 / 335 and 356 / 435 mm
Length around 13,5 - 18,5 m

Prefab concrete construction

Homes, block 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 9
Foundation beams
Dimensions 300x500 mm 14.50 m
Dimensions 350x500 mm 120.70 m
Dimensions 400x500 mm 1501.50 m
Dimensions 450x500 mm 89.80 m
Dimensions 500x500 mm 39.10 m
Dimensions 400x1175 mm 38.70 m
Number of shed floors 12

Apartments block F and G
Foundation beams
Dimensions 450x600 mm 35.6 m
Dimensions 600x600 mm 10.9 m
Dimensions 800x600 mm 12.1 m
Dimensions 500x600 mm 73.5 m
Dimensions 700x1285 mm 23.7 m
Dimensions 750x600 mm 6.2 m
Dimensions 350x600 mm 4.2 m
Dimensions 550x600 mm 17.4 m
Dimensions 550x1000 mm 8.9 m
Dimensions 500x1285 mm 49.8 m
Dimensions 400x600 mm 36.2 m
Dimensions 450x1285 mm 89.3 m
Dimensions 600x1285 mm 62.4 m

Prefab concrete foundation blocks
15 x 1800x1639x800 mm
1 x 4400x1800x800 mm
1 x 2480x2850x800 mm

1 prefab elevator well

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