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Apartments D3 Dorpshaven Zuid

The construction of the starter apartments for Startblock 3 in Dorpshaven-Zuid in Aalsmeer has officially begun. The activities were kicked off with the insertion of a symbolic first pile as the foundation piles had already been inserted two years earlier.

For the realization of the foundation, Vroom is executing the total package consisting of dimensioning activities, inserting piles and applying the complete prefab foundation including prefab elevator well.


The entire foundation will be placed within one day. The foundation includes facilities speeding up the follow-up activities such as openings. These openings are meant for the plumber in order to apply pipes. On top of the prefab foundation beams, rebars have been poured to which the concrete walls will be connected becoming one with the foundation.

Speech municipal executive

After the official actions, a meeting for the apartments’ future residents and the parties involved into the project was organized at Crown Studio’s in Aalsmeer. Municipal executive Tom Verlaan addressed the new residents: “I am delighted with the start of the construction of the second apartment buildings for starters as a part of this project. A total of 31 apartments is being built now of which 29 have been sold to Aalsmeer residents, one to a resident of Uithoorn and one to a resident from Aalsmeerderbrug. Also, a loan for starters has been granted by the municipality 17 times. This made it attractive for the starter on the housing market to buy a home here. The sale process was smooth.”

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