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14 C-ZAN apartments

Alongside the freeway around Amsterdam, Hecon Bouwgroep will build 14 apartments. After 7 years, the decision has been made: we are going to construct! Vroom has applied the prefab foundation consisting of prefab foundation beams with a prefab quay wall. Also, the elevator well in the centre will be realized with prefab elements.

Serving as a temporary load, a thick layer of sand had been applied on the construction site from where the piling activities have been carried out. As a result, the piles have been driven to a considerable depth-level. Following the piling activities, the building excavation has been dug out until the bottom of the foundation so that instantly, a basement was being formed. On the side of the canal, a prefab quay wall has been placed. As these elements are considerably high and have to be produced within a short period of time, it was an advantage to realize these elements as prefab ones. Vroom has placed the prefab foundation within one day.

The project

The building is situated on the edge of the rather architecturally diverse and varied Elzenhage area. The characteristic compact building connects on one side to the current constructions on the boulevard and on the other side to the family homes. It consists of four floors.

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