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New housing project Leekerweide

The Leekerweide new housing project in Wognum is an outstanding example of working together in good harmony between the production process of pile foundations by Vroom Foundation Technology on one hand and on the other hand the direct on-demand delivery and set-up of foundation beams and elevator wells by Vroom Betonbouw. Operating in a (constructional) team meant that for all parties involved, all advantages were close at hand.

Vroom was involved in the project in an early stage. This meant that the basic idea of keeping the timber piles of the demolished building in the ground didn’t change and that a transformation from a poured foundation to the application of prefab foundation beams and elevator wells was recommended.

Old timber piles outlined

Before five new so-called ‘rotated’ homes could be built, three existing ones were demolished. The positions of the existing timber piles have been measures and subsequently outlined on a drawing. The concrete heads have been removed from the timber piles, and after that, the building site was prepared.

Transformation to prefab concrete construction
The original plan was based on a poured foundation. In a short period of time, a transformation to the prefab foundation was realized resulting into a change of several pile positions in the designed pile plan.

The main reason was the stability of the prefab foundation. In some cases a conflict could occur with an old timber pile. On these locations, the pile positions have been minimally changed in order to insert the piles anyway.

The set-up process was done by the client and executed per building. The piles were delivered per day, left with the rig and the daily supplies were stored next to the building excavation. With the prefab foundation activities in mind, this project was executed perfectly by machinist Frank de Vries and his direct colleague Alex Rous.

Connecting to each other

Directly after the piling activities for the first building, Vroom Betonbouw’s Peter Kramer and Sietse Alland equipped the pile heads with concrete. In addition, a beginning was made with the delivery of prefab foundation elements for the first home. On week later, the first home was equipped with prefab foundation beams including one elevator well. This entire block consisting of 470 of foundation and an elevator well was mounted in one day using a 160 ton crane. After the first elements were mounted, Jan Hoff started to finish off the mounting process of the elements until every single detail. After the following weekend, the contractor placed the floors on the ground floor.

10 working weeks

After the construction industry holiday, the final home will be equipped with prefab foundation beams and a final elevator well. The execution of the prefab foundation process will take 10 working weeks calculated from the beginning of the piling process until setting up the elements for the ground floor, for this project not contracted for and executed by Vroom Betonbouw.

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