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Commercial building in Alkmaar

Because of the short construction period, Vroom has been involved in this project from the first stage. In addition to the short construction period, the project was realized in the winter. Vroom Betonbouw has transformed the complete foundation made the traditional way to a prefab foundation system.

Vroom Betonbouw conducted the dimensioning process, did the piling activities and made prefab foundation elements such as foundation beams, foundation blocks and elevator wells.

On the building site, setting pickets has begun. Right after driving the piles while checking pile deviations, it became clear that no pile had been driven outside the tolerance standards. Subsequently, pile heads have been inserted, bars have been fixed, covers have been applied and the pile heads have been poured at the correct height.

Foundation blocks

The foundation blocks were the greatest challenge of this project. It concerned three-pile foundation blocks that would have to carry an enormous load as a result of the columns on top.

By prefabricating the foundation blocks, the ultimate result was 7 tons per foundation block. However, the crane could only be set up on a certain location. Therefore, the prefab foundation elements have been mounted using a 160-tons crane that was set up halfway next to the building. The mounting process took one day.

Mounting in one day

First, the foundation blocks and the elevator wells have been mounted. Subsequently, the foundation blocks have been connected to each other by mounting beams in between them. Ultimately, the foundation was completed with the bars sticking out of the foundation beams and the complete anchors out of the foundation blocks. Without having to drill the necessary tools into the elements, the complete prefab could be connected on top of the structure to the foundation. Everything was done according to a tight schedule, and the project was being executed without any problem. That is worth a compliment!

Project information 47998 + 53470

Project Commercial building Bufo Marinus
Location Toermalijnstraat in Alkmaar
Client Wadi Vastgoed in Alkmaar
Design architect Edoo Carels, CAAS Architecten in Alkmaar
Contractor Gilip BV in Alkmaar
Constructor EconStruct in Leeuwarden

Specifications piling activities

Number of prefab CFA piles 150
Length 11 until 12 m
Square 250 - 320 mm

Specifications prefab foundation elements

Foundation beams
In total 294 m: 500 x 500 mm

Foundation blocks
Number of foundation blocks 15: 2000 x 1800 x 800 mm

Elevator wells
Number of elevator wells 2: 2230 x 1800 x 900 mm

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