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Apartments and shops Icoon & De Feniks

In the middle of the center of Krommenie, on the Heiligeweg, the inner city is being redeveloped. On top of the parking garage, Het Icoon & De Feniks is being built. Vroom Foundation Technology has executed this project using the VGS combo pile system.

The construction plan is carried out on the corner of the Heiligeweg and the Eikelaan. Previously, the Vredeskerk was situated on the location of Het Icoon and De Feniks will be built where the shopping mall on the Heiligeweg was. In 2006, this shopping mall was destroyed by a fire. The construction plan includes an underground parking facility with a shopping area on top and apartments on the Eikelaan. The shopping area on ground level inside De Feniks will include a supermarket and inside Het Icoon, a drug store will be built. Het Icoon & De Feniks respectively consists of 22 and 32 apartments. Given the location in the center of Krommenie, for the design the urban development decisions made by the city of Zaanstad have been used as a guideline in the interest of the maintenance and recovery of the urban and structural connection of this area. The new buildings prevent urbanization. On the contrary, according to the possibilities offered, construction takes place on the streetside. The building will not have backsides the living area is on the streetside. On the inner court, a new square is created linked with the development of the Durghorst. The location of apartments on the Eikelaan makes it possible to live on streetlevel.

Facts & numbers

Project 65004
Project apartments and shops Het Icoon & De Feniks
Location Heiligeweg Krommenie
Real estate developer Dreef Beheer BV Ursem
Architect FKG Architecten aan de Zaan Zaandijk
Contractor Bot Bouw BV Heerhugowaard
Constructor Pieters Bouwtechniek
Specification foundation technology
Pile system VGS combo piles; a large part of them are flexible piles
Number of piles 623
Diameter drilling tube 406 / 497 mm
Prefab concrete core 250 x 250 mm
Concrete core length around 10,5 – 12,5 m

Default rsm 78 104
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