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Shopping / residential centre measuring 21,000 square meters

The renewal and expansion of Raadhuisplein is a mutual project of Redema Consultants B.V., Koopmans Bouwgroep B.V. and the municipality of Smallingerland. The three parties respectively concentrate on the stores, the residential part and the public area. A wonderful vibro piles job.

Raadhuisplein is the central city square in Drachten. The current buildings, shops and homes, designed by Van de Broek en Bakema, no longer meet these days’ demands. For the surrounding area, Drachten plays an important central role. An underground parking garage, underneath the entire planned area, will be built for visitors.

Raadhuisplein will be bordered by shops with homes built on top of them. A part of the current buildings will be demolished. The planned buildings will shape the new walls of the square.

Central role

The executive board of the city is working on realizing a central role meeting the board’s ambitions on order to secure as the city with a regional role and, if possible, to strengthen it with the city centre well-accessible where the visitor can spend a few hours. The program of demands consists of 21,000 m2 for shops and 100 homes with a 9000 m2 expansion for shops.

Completion in 2015

The redesign involves an investment of over 100 million euros and consists of the realization of an underground parking garage for 700 cars, 21,000 m2 of commercial space and 170 homes.

The greater part of the new housing project will be completed early 2015. In the second stage (from 2014), the final part of the parking garage and the most recent new buildings will be worked on. The total design will be completed early 2016 according to the schedule.


As the new Raadhuisplein will have a shopping surface measuring 21,000 m2, more and larger shops can be housed so for shoppers, there are much more options. Because of the catering, the large terrace and the beautiful design, Raadhuisplein will be more comfortable: it will be Drachten’s most important city square. Everything is aimed on entertaining the visitor as much as possible: large parking space underneath and near the shopping mall, a well-organized range of shops with a wonderful personality and separated delivery roads so that shoppers will not be bothered by the supply processes.

Within the project, WABS Consultancy is responsible for the shop part.


For residents, the new Raadhuisplein will be a big step forward. Thanks to the renewals of the shops and the parking lots, it is becoming a vivid and comfortable area again enhancing the atmosphere and the quality of the surroundings.

On the roofs of the shops, special green covers will be placed so that all residents of Raadhuisplein will have a green view. The entries to the homes will be wide: instead of small doorways in the shopping street, the residents will have clearly visible entries. In addition, the homes will be accessible via wide stairs. This is how Raadhuisplein emphasizes to be both a shopping and residential centre. Also thanks to the 175 new residences, the centre no longer looks empty after opening hours, but it’s clear that his is a place where people live.

The shops and the homes will be built with their back sides facing each other so that shoppers and residents no longer have to look at grey back sides of all kinds of buildings. The parking garage’s design is light and open. This is how even the underground part of the complex has a little bit of the above-ground atmosphere.

Facts & numbers

Project 23035 and 92071
Project: 160 homes, 19.000 m2 for shops
683 parking lots in the parking garage
Clients: WABS Consultancy (Redema Consultants) and Le Clercq Planontwikkeling, Koopmans Projecten
Architect:Tangram Architecten, Amsterdam
Constructor: Jansen Wesselink advising engineer’s agency
Contractor: Koopmans Bouw BV Apeldoorn

Foundation activities

Vibro piles
Number of piles: 1832
Diameters: 406 /465, 457/510, 457/520, 508/560, 559/615, 610.660 mm
Pile length: around 14,5 - 21,5 m
Steel tubular piles
Number of piles: 108
Diameters: 356/380, 219/240, 273/290 en 323/340 mm

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