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Petrochemical length records

For the expansion of a tank terminal in the Rotterdam harbor, Vroom has broken a length record regarding the production process of driven vibro piles and drilled VGS piles with grout.

Using the Hitachi CX1100GLS, Vroom’s largest foundation engine, casings are being driven into the ground measuring 47,1 m long with a shaft diameter of 457 mm and a base plate diameter of 560 m.

For as far as machinist Ronald Pronk knows, it has never happened before in the Netherlands that such long casings have been used for foundation activities. Vroom will produce a total of around 1,000 cast-in-situ and displacing vibro piles, a large part of them measuring record lengths. The activities could not start until a test using magnetic and other penetration tools had been carried out to see if and where bombs from the Second World War might be present in the soil. This test is still ongoing. For that reason, an amount of vibro piles is being driven as (drilled) VGS piles. In this case, the piles have record lengths as Vroom is cable of producing drilled VGS piles measuring an uncommon length of 44,2 m

Working safely

For this location in the Rotterdam harbour, no special requirements apply such as a foundation engine with a pressure engine or special working clothes.

The necessary precaution measures have been taken before the project could be started. Other than cleaning up the polluted soil, tests are still being done in order to find remaining bombs from the Second World War. In addition to tests with magnetometers, also piercing actions are being carried out with detectors until a depth of 15 m more or less ‘scanning’ the soil.

This test is still ongoing in those areas where Vroom is not yet active. The decision has been made to execute an amount of vibro piles as (drilled) VGS piles. Also, this is a better option as it results into less vibration adjacent to the existing tanks.

Sound barrier

As a regular default sound shield could not be used for this project, an alternate measure has been taken. In order to reduce noise pollution in the direct surrounding area, a mobile barrier has been produced that is being applied around the tube. For the sound barrier, a special casing had to be used as the vibro piles have been produced until working level. This solution does indeed reduce sound for the surrounding area, however, the Vroom team, in turn, finds itself confronted with the maximum sound volume and therefore has to wear special hearing protectors.

Magnetometer test

As Vroom is producing vibro piles on the released and cleaned site, on other parts tests are still being done in order to search for bombs that might have remained into the soil. The magnetometer tests are being done in order to detect underground ferrous objects. The dimensioning principle of the magnetometer is based on the detection of magnetic irregularities caused by ferrous objects.

By measuring this local difference on the whole magnetic field, the location of conducting objects and layers can be determined carefully. The size of the measured difference is proportional in relation to the amount of ferrous metals underground.


The magnetometer can be applied for, among other examples:- determining sheet pile wall and/or pile lengths (for reinforced piles)
- tracing unexploded explosives such as aerial bombs, mortars, shells
- tracing metallic cables and tubes and/or electricity-carrying tubes

During the magnetometer test, also default parameters such as resistance, adhesive strength and inclination may be included. If requested, the water pressure may be registered. As a result of the simultaneous registration of geotechnical parameters and the magnetic field, an indication can be given as for in which layers metal objects might be present. In addition, the obtained information can be used for conducting several geotechnical studies.

Tank transport and storage

Storage and transport of oil and fat for consumption requires knowledge, experience, optimal hygiene and a customer-friendly approach. In this field, Koole has been a specialist for over 50 years.

The tank storage company involved offers storage facilities that meet the highest demands when it comes to hygiene and logistics; our fleet consists of the most professional inland navigation tanks and coasters. For road transport, we have state-of-the art tankers.

Once more, Vroom Foundation Technology has added a special foundation project to its references.

Facts & numbers

Project: 23082
Client: Tank storage, harbour number 3250, Rotterdam Pernis
Contractor: Geka Bouw BV Dordrecht
Constructor: Ingenieursbureau Croes

Foundation activities

Vroom Foundation Technology, Oosthuizen

Cast-in-situ drilled vibro pile underneath 16 floor areas, tank excavation 5.

The job is being done in stages as in the meantime, existing tanks have to be moved to the new floor areas, and the excavations that become available as a result have to be checked for bombs first as the soil has to be cleaned before the foundation piles can be produced.

Vibro pile specs

Number of piles: around 1000
Diameter shaft/baseplate: 406/495/457/560 and 508/600 mm
Pile length: 37,9, 39,4, 40,9, 42,9, 46,9 and 47,1 m

VGS grout injection pile specs

Number of piles: 25
Diameter shaft/drilling point: 457/560 and 559/680 mm
Pile length: 34,2, 35,2, 40,7, 41.2 and 44.2 m

Foundation rigs

Hitachi CX1100GLS for the vibro piles
Hillcon CX900GLS for the VGS grout injection pile specs

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