45 homes Helsdingen - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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45 homes Helsdingen

In Vianen, the foundation has been laid for another 45 homes for the Helsdingen plan right next to the A2 freeway. This is a continuation after the construction of 50 homes built in an earlier stage. The project is being realized by Ballast Nedam West.

The project is being founded on prefab concrete piles combined with prefab foundation beams and shed floors. Ballast Nedam doesn’t opt for this Vroom system for the first time. Projects are being realized on a different location in Vleuten and De Meern.

Foundation system

A part of the foundation system has been isolated as it is a part of the floor. Isolation elements have already been applied in the factory so that the foundation beams can be mounted completely with these elements. As we are using prefab foundation beams, the construction process is fast. Per day, we have mounted an average of 22 semi-detached homes. The shed floors have been mounted during a separate session.

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