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35 Residential properties, De Laureaten

Near to the Vroonendaal neighbourhood in The Hague, the foundations have been laid for a project (De Laureaten) that envisages 35 dwellings. The construction plan includes both town houses and villas. Vroom will be installing the piles, pre-fab foundation beams and lay-down areas.

Phase 2 will see construction of another 33 luxury properties. This part of the plan is scheduled for the end of 2018. We are participating in several projects with the general contractor, Ballast Nedam West, this year. This includes developments of 18 dwellings in De Meern, 46 dwellings in Vleuten and 30 apartments in Vleuten. These projects are all being built using the same foundation system.

Tall elements for increased stability

The pre-fab foundation elements have, in part, been constructed to be taller, to safeguard the stability of the properties. These elements can reach sizes of one meter tall, which can give them weights of up to 10 tonnes, and they are installed using a telescopic handler. Pre-fab foundation beams are also installed between each of the floor elements. In order to ensure that the insulation is not compromised in any way, these are EPS-insulated in the factory.

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