Turfschip - 77 dwellings - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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Turfschip - 77 dwellings

Schelphoek is nearing its completion; next to the multi-storey car park of the same name is a small space for 77 houses and apartments on the edge of the centre of Alkmaar, the city famed for its cheese market. The consortium of contractors Van der Gragt and Tervoort has been working on this area for years, but will be moving on soon.​

Vroom was responsible for a significant part of the foundation work for the Schelphoek project. BAM Woningbouw was the principal for part of this work. Pre-fabricated foundation beams and set-down, hard stand areas were used at the Baanpad, Molen van Banning and Wolfpad. The foundation beams for the 20 ground-level dwellings forming part of the project will be installed next April.

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