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Quatrebras project - 150 homes

A residential estate with a wide range of terraced, semi-detached and detached homes is being built in Badhoevedorp. The dwellings all have a ground-source heat pump which, in combination with good insulation makes for a very energy-efficient home; one that is sustainable and future-proof.

The foundations of the dwellings are pre-fabricated concrete piles, topped with pre-fabricated foundation beams and hard-stand floors. The pile-driving work is done with a 'jib configuration’ and a ‘4t hydro hammer'. The pre-fabricated foundation beams are installed with a telescopic crane, with around 25 dwellings being built per working day. BAM Wonen produces a shell using tunnelled formwork.

Park Quatrebras

Park Quatrebras is the first new-build project in Badhoevedorp since the transformation. The lay-out of the new-build residential estate is based on the 'stately’ architecture of the Kennemerland area. Park Quatrebras represents luxury homes on large plots of land, with small, friendly streets in a green, park-like residential area.

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