Gracht Oost, 23 dwellings - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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Gracht Oost, 23 dwellings

At the end of June we made a start on driving over 280 pre-cast concrete piles for De Krijgsman in Muiden with our newest acquisition, the Junttan PMx25. When the plant is ready for disassembly, we will call in our Vroom Betonbouw department to install pre-cast foundation beams and lay-down areas. We are also in charge of supervising the pile-driving process and dimensioning.

Vroom is not a newcomer to De Krijgsman, and this will not be our last visit, either. We have previously worked on 61 dwellings on behalf of Bouwmaatschappij Ufkes Apeldoorn and 22 dwellings for Dura Vermeer. Before the end of this year we will be working on the Fortzicht dwellings for Dura Vermeer Midden West. On each occasion we have used pre-cast piles, topped off with pre-cast foundation beams, garden walls and lay-down areas.

De Krijgsman

Sailing on the IJmeer, walking and other forms of recreation in various parks are terms synonymous with living in De Krijgsman. De Krijgsman and Muiden have a rich history. Once the canal from Amsterdam to Naarden was complete, a powder store was transferred from Amsterdam to a remote bit of land near 'little’ Muiden where, three centuries later, the Krijgsman factory (and adjacent land) was closed. A period in which not just the factory, but also the surrounding area was changing. Muiden had a role in the armed defence of Amsterdam and Utrecht and now has its unique place in the urban area of Greater Amsterdam.

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