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64 dwellings, Hoef en Haag

In Vianen a start has been made on construction of 64 energy-neutral dwellings that are not dependent on natural gas in the Hoef en Haag development. For a standard household the energy generated sustainably is equal to the amount used. A large section is being built on the canal or on the Meander, the new watercourse to be built, over which some of the development will look.

Vroom is using two products for this project. Both involve pre-cast concrete: 550 driven piles and 265 foundation beams. Previous stages of the development of Hoef en Haag also made use of both products. The piles are being driven in with the brand-new Junttan PMx25 that was added to the fleet just four weeks ago.

Hoef en Haag

In partnership with the local authority, gemeente Vijfherenlanden, AM and BPD Hoef en Haag are developing an atmospheric new 'village’ of 1800 dwellings between Vianen and Hagestein. Residents will have access here to a spacious dwelling in a green area on the banks of the Lek; an area steeped in history, just fifteen minutes by car from Utrecht. Development of Hoef en Haag is in full swing. The first two stages, representing around six hundred dwellings, have largely been completed. In addition to places to live there will be various amenities, such as a primary school, supermarket, crèche, health centre, small-scale shops and hospitality/catering.

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