105 dwellings, Hof van Bilthoven - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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105 dwellings, Hof van Bilthoven

In Bilthoven we have started laying the foundations for 72 owner-occupied homes and 33 social-housing homes as part of a project managed by master contractor ERA Contour, part of the TBI Group. A nice number of dwellings, which makes the project ideal for the use of pre-cast concrete. The pre-cast elements are delivered to the site and installed accordingly.

The driven piles, pre-cast foundation beams and lay-down areas are made in the works and then delivered to the building site. The piles are driven with a hydraulic ram with a mass of 4,000 kg. The foundation beams and lay-down areas are installed with a telescopic crane.

Free from gas network, plus solar panels

There are six different housing designs in the Hof van Bilthoven project.  Each design has its own characteristic features, and is equipped for sustainability. Each dwelling is completely free from the gas network and is fitted as standard with two or three roof-mounted solar panels. The owner-occupied homes have three floors, and the usable floor area varies from 123 - 159 m2.

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