Vattenfall wind farm, Moerdijk - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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Vattenfall wind farm, Moerdijk

Earlier this year a CX700 GLS piling rig was stood installing DPA-PLUS screw piles and, more recently, its big brother, the CX900 GLS has been installing vibrated piles. 7 wind turbines will be installed on the foundations.

The wind turbines on the Westelijke Randweg and Zuidelijke Randweg need to generate electricity to power 20,000 households. There will also be a solar power park, as a result of which residents in Klundert ought to see a difference in the form of lower electricity bills. There was a lot of protest in the village against the wind turbines, but the Council of State dismissed all objections.

38 million

Vattenfall's ambition is to generate all power from renewable sources within one generation. To start with, being one of the leading power generating companies, they are reducing their own reliance on fossil fuels and investing in sustainable power sources, such as wind power and energy storage. Outside their own sector, too, they aim to play an active part in taking the steps required world-wide to realise a sustainable future. So Vattenfall is injecting EUR 38m into Moerdijk wind farm.