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84 dwellings, Park Centraal

It's a great number to start with, because the Park Centraal project will ultimately have 365 dwellings. This is part of the hard work involved in resolving the housing shortage in the Netherlands. In response to a development by AM, BAM Wonen is building dwellings from its residential collection here. We are currently engaged in the construction of 84 dwellings for phase 5.

The BAM Residential Collection covers around 10 housing 'templates’, the exteriors of which are in tune with their setting as determined by the architect. The buyers then have a number of options with which they can customise the building to suit their needs.

Range of housing

Most of the dwellings have the look of the 1930s, but there are a few dwellings in the project in a more modern style. There is a choice of terraced and corner dwellings, and semi-detached housing. In addition there is a range of floor lay-outs, which have been devised to make the home suit your requirements. Comfort and sustainability are included as standard, so the dwellings are fit to face the future!

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