82 apartments, Stationstuinen - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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82 apartments, Stationstuinen

BAM Wonen is building 82 apartments, spread over three apartment blocks on the site of a former swimming pool, 't Keerpunt, in Barendrecht. They are using 208 Vroom vibrated HBF-type piles for the foundations. The project is part of the co-makership agreement that Vroom entered into with BAM Wonen at the start of 2019.

The first apartment block in the Stationstuinen project is made up of 23 apartments in the social-housing sector, the second block of 30 owner-occupied apartments and the third block of 29 apartments for rental outside the social-housing sector.

Plenty choice in Homestudios

Buyers will have the opportunity of paying a visit to Homestudios. This experience centre provides inspiration, and gives future owners an easy way to make their new house into a home. It is possible to discuss personal preferences together with a personal residential advisor to give the apartment that finishing touch.

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