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124 apartments, Gouwpark development

HSB Bouw, a contractor from Volendam, is hard at work on all fronts, not least in the field of its own project development. The Gouwpark development is a good example of that, and we are proud that we are able to work on this great project. Later this year, we will also be producing the DPA piles for 124 low-rise dwellings in the same development.

As the apartments (high-rise) have a longer construction time than their low-rise counterparts, the foundations for those have to be installed first. Half-way through this year we will be back to drill in the piles for the low-rise dwellings. We are drilling in DPA piles with a diameter of 460 mm and a length of 21 metres. DPA piles are low-vibration and low-noise piles, so the adjacent hospital will not experience any disruption from our work. The project is being made to a design by Pleasant Places Happy People, and is being both developed and built by HSB Bouw.


Gouwpark in Zaandam is positioned strategically between the rivers Zaan and Gouw, and immediately borders the Burgemeester In't Veld Park and the Hoornseveld neighbourhood. Gouwpark will have a wide variety of types of dwelling. The architects have designed a modern, sustainable and very varied neighbourhood with apartments, 'veranda-houses’, terraced houses, courtyard houses, semi-detached houses and detached houses.

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