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12 Dwellings for all stages of life

In the context of the Land van Luna project, phase 2, Belle-Vue Wonen will be building 12 dwellings suitable for all stages of life. We will be installing 160 pre-cast driven concrete piles, which will provide a solid foundation.

Main contractor Bot Bouw is managing the work on these 12 dwellings.

Belle-Vue Wonen

Belle-Vue Wonen is developing and building 'Zero Meter Usage’ (ZMU) dwellings. Each dwelling has its own heat pump and Heat Ventilation Recovery (HRV) unit. The use of the ZMU principle means that all energy required for a household is generated entirely using (extra) PV modules. As a consequence, the occupier of the dwelling needs no energy from external sources, so the dwelling is entirely self-sufficient.

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