Social support

At Vroom Funderingstechnieken, we strongly believe in creating a positive impact and supporting initiatives and activities with a social function.

Vroom sponsored the realization of The Palenhuis, an ode to the pile. At the unveiling of The Palenhuis, Peter Vroom presented a plaque to Piet van Wijk, the initiator of this beautiful project.

With appropriate pride, we present our activities here, which form an essential part of our social commitment.

We use the following criteria for granting a request for (financial) support:

  • Employees or family members of Vroom are involved
  • Regions of Oosthuizen, Waterland, Wijchen
  • Youth
  • Sport

Several of these characteristics, and preferably all four, need to be present.

As a company that values responsibility and sustainability, we are committed to supporting local initiatives, non-profit organizations, and charities that make a difference in the lives of others.

Vroom employees participate annually in the Dam tot Dam Loop.


Only Friends offers young athletes with a disability from Amsterdam and surrounding areas the opportunity to participate in organized sports in their own, safe, and familiar environment. In the anniversary year of 2022, Vroom supported this wonderful initiative and encouraged our relations to do the same.

By encouraging education, culture, sports, and social welfare projects, we aim to have a lasting, positive impact on the communities, associations, clubs, and people around us.

The events, projects, people, and organizations we currently support include:

  • Beemster Festival Week
  • Dam to Dam run
  • KWF (Dutch Cancer Society)
  • Only Friends
  • Power Valley
  • Zeevangsloop
  • Warder Swimming Pool

We believe that collaborating with passionate and dedicated partners is key to promoting a better future for everyone. Our support encompasses a wide range of initiatives, using both financial resources and our expertise to make a tangible difference.

Through our support, we hope not only to have a positive influence on individuals and groups but also to inspire others to contribute to a better world.

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