This is what our customers think

We constantly measure the satisfaction of our customers.

We do this with a weekly questionnaire that we send to all customers for which we have completed our work. The question, ‘Are you satisfied with the performance of our company?’ was answered positively in no less than 79% of cases, 16% gave a neutral answer and 5% said they were not (or not entirely) satisfied. The questionnaire also asked for extra information on the answer given, and whether the respondent could indicate where any improvements could be made. We analysed all the answers, discussed them in-house and used them to help optimise our services. Shown below are a number of quotes from our customers, taken from polls over the past quarter.


Leander Marelis, De Vries en Verburg
“The scheduling of this project was repeatedly deferred due to a delay in planning permission. Very pleased that Vroom was able to adapt to the situation. It’s good you send this questionnaire once the work’s been completed.”

R. van Dasselaar, Heijmans Huizen
“Skilled personnel. Good contacts, and the work was completed quickly.”

Ferdie Verberne, FIT Real Estate BV
“Clear communication, very competent people and good scheduling. Something that could be improved: the flow of information between sales and the work being carried out.”

Ruud Kerver, Van Wijnen
“Good open collaboration. In my opinion, the selection of the party for acoustic measurement of the piles and establishing up front the level of accuracy that needed to be met is something that could be improved.”

J.P. van der Giessen, BAM Wonen Nieuwbouw Concepten
“Neat and tidy work, good communication.”

Christiaan Hakstege, GMB Civiel
“On time and good value for money. Collaboration in talks with the designers in respect of the pile calculations is perhaps a point for consideration.”

“Cooperative, problem-solving orientation.”

Nils Pronk, HSB Bouw
“Strict timetable, right level of quality, always available. Tip: always incorporate the dragline excavator mats budget in your grand total price.”

“Work performed without any problems. Next time, it’d be nice if they could share the definitive planning schedule at an earlier stage.”

Johan Besselsen, BAM Wonen Nieuwbouw Concepten
“Neat and tidy.”

Nic Melsen, H4A Windenergie
“Satisfied; tidy work, done on time.”

J. Driessen, Willems Bouwbedrijf
“Work done according to the planning schedule. Point for improvement: amend mechanism for price variations for differences in the number of metres of piles.”

Jelle van den Kieboom, YR Building B.V.
“Good contact with project manager; same goes for communications, and they kept their word on agreements.”

Michel van Poppel, Bredabouw
“We had a very neat and tidy team of piling contactors.”

Teunis Breunissen, Bouwbedrijf Wolswinkel B.V.
“They take questions seriously. Many people were involved in quantity surveying: that’s not necessarily the clearest way to work. The work was definitely performed well, and at this stage communication was shorter and to the point. I prefer it that way.”

W. van Gameren, GKB Realisatie
“Good communication, and we found the brainstorming process pleasant. An improvement would be to give clear instructions on how the process should continue after drilling. In this instance we came, but weren’t able to do any work.

This is what our customers think
This is what our customers think

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