This is what our customers think

We constantly measure the satisfaction of our customers.

We do this with a weekly questionnaire that we send to all customers for which we have completed our work. The question, ‘Are you satisfied with the performance of our company?’ was answered positively in no less than 76% of cases, 18% gave a neutral answer and 6% said they were not (or not entirely) satisfied. The questionnaire also asked for extra information on the answer given, and whether the respondent could indicate where improvements could be made. We analysed all the answers, discussed them in-house and used them to help optimise our services. Shown below are a number of quotes from our customers, taken from polls over the past quarter.


Barry Kaatee, Horsman & Co
“Good equipment, good communication.”

‘Good preparatory consultation. Started on time. Good quality. No problems.”

Jeroen Bakker, Henselmans
“Good start to work meeting, the pile-driving team had everything under control in relation to accessibility etc.”

Maarten van Grieken, Plan-Bee
“They keep their word on agreements.”

Felis Lopes, Top Bouwwerken
“Very flexible. They think in terms of solutions, not problems.”

Jan-Willem Beugel, Geveke Bouw
“Friendly and tidy people on site, people you can negotiate with. One point that could be improved on: breaks for consultation in the preparatory phase.”

R. van der Stege, Bouwbedrijf van der Gragt
“Neat and tidy work, and good communication.” The only ‘changes’ were in scheduling, but that also had to do with changes we, the contractor, had to make. Something that could be improved: there are two sides to the story when the start date changes, to be fair.”

Dennis Mentink, Burgland Bouw
“Good advice on the type of pile foundation. Unfortunately, something went wrong with the test load. I don’t know myself how this could’ve been done differently.”

Ronnie Lampert, H4A Windenergie
“Tidy work that progressed smoothly!”

This is what our customers think
This is what our customers think

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